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Jimmy Buffett lead guitarist Peter Mayer performing in Hendersonville

Peter Mayer Tickets

Peter Mayer, lead guitarist of Jimmy Buffet’s Coral Reefer Band, is performing in Hendersonville on Friday to encourage a nearby philanthropy.

Mayer is a Nashville craftsman who has been playing with Buffett for a long time. He has his own visiting band and has discharged 30 collections, and has additionally played in front of an audience with James Taylor, Ringo Starr, Don Henley and Joe Walsh.

His show “A Junkman’s Christmas” highlights Christmas ditties, unique melodies and tales about his vocation and youth in India with his minister guardians. It will highlight a world-class band and an extensive variety of melodic styles, from jazz to traditional.

“It implies a ton to me growing up, child of a minister for such a large number of years to play in places of worship and sharing upbeat music of the season,” Mayer says. “I think in a world that needs a ton of mending, it makes my activity intentional and it’s recuperating for me too.”

Mayer is as of now visiting with Coral Reefer Band and says Jimmy Buffett is as yet going solid at 72 years of age. “He’s sort of showed me a comical inclination,” Mayer says. “Truth be told, one of his most loved statements is ‘fear is the nonappearance of cleverness.'”

The show is a piece of Mayer’s yearly Stars and Promises visit. He performs Friday at the Grace Lutheran Church in Hendersonville from 7 to 9 PM.

Tickets are $30 dollars and all returns will go to Hendersonville’s Interfaith Assistance Ministry, which helps neighborhood families in money related emergency.


The Biggest Myth About Jimmy Buffett Exposed

Buffett is still a popular live performer, playing numerous concerts around the country each year. He regained consciousness within a few minutes. Despite sticking to one musical sound for over 40 years, he has become one of the most recognizable and successful musical artists of his generation. Jimmy Buffett is man of several trades. He will be performing an event in the next dates is right in your area. If you wish to see Jimmy Buffett, I would just scan a few sites, decide on the very best seat in your budget, buy this, and go take a nap and be carried out with that! Jimmy Buffett has also been successful on the planet of merchandising.

The Basic Facts of Jimmy Buffett

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Jimmy Buffett And Fans Bring The Beach Party To Detroit Riverside

Jimmy Buffett played his first show at New Detroit Riverfront Park West, drawing a crowd Parrothead colorful dress that seemed to have more than 18,000 for a party of one day.


Streaming with plastic shark fins on their land and “Jimmy or Bust” scrawled on its windshield, thousands of fans of Jimmy Buffett transformed along the Detroit River in an impromptu tropical party on Thursday.

Buffett concert expected just before sunset in West Riverfront Park, many had arrived as early as 7 am to immerse themselves in the colorful tradition suck wheel, stake out points with their vehicles around the field adjacent parking.

In the afternoon, it was an expansion, roaring party – aisle after aisle of portable bars, torches, limbo games and drinks flowed freely, with a growing fleet of party boats gathered near the Detroit River. While there was no shortage of young fans and partygoer’s university summer-break, he was a veteran Jimmy Buffett definitely crowd, mostly made up of middle-aged fans have long an annual custom of this material.

According to the custom Parrothead – a rite of concerts that dates back four decades in metropolitan Detroit – Thursday was a communal sharing issue. Fans wandered from station to station, greeting old friends Buffett, getting introduced to new, and get a taste of the offerings of fellow tailgaters grills.

After three years of Buffett shows at Comerica Park, which left tailgaters scattered pockets of blocks around the ballpark, West Riverfront Park was an opportunity for local family Parrothead to reassemble in one place.

Tina Arundel was notched its 56th show Buffett – he was just back from Tuesday’s concert in Cincinnati – and was holding the strongest part of a wooden bar decorated with a “Polly wants a cocktail” sign parrot. Guests strolling liquor shots, pirate rings, temporary tattoos and invitation to play a game of giant wooden Jenga offered.

Arundel was a veteran, but had brought a pair of rookies Buffett: the 6-year-old son – equipped with a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses large – and her boyfriend, Matt Ziegler Milford.

Ziegler said he came up with a basic idea of what to expect but was, however, impressed by the tolerant spirit and a scene that he felt “like a big family barbecue.”

“Everyone is very friendly,” he said. “It’s certainly not a Slipknot concert. I would definitely like to come back, and I have not even seen the show yet.”

That would change just before 9 pm, when Buffett and his band hit the big stage Riverfront West following a set of sizzling blues-rock guitarist Sonny Landreth as.

Thus reaching again in its catalog – as would often overnight – Buffett began with the piano as fuel, horn-studded sea soft “Ragtop Day,” “Off to see the lizard” and feel good “License Chill” with Landreth back on stage for a guitar as a guest.

A gray day had become a perfectly pleasant evening to a crowd that seemed to have more than 18,000 – which would mark the largest gathering yet in the Park Detroit-year-old.


“This is great,” Buffett said from the stage, watching the scene in his yellow jersey, shorts and bare feet marks. “I’m glad that we are one of the first shows here. I know there will be more. Detroit again!”

He was not the only one pleased with the new site of concerts by the river, a property of 20 acres behind the post office in the city.

Some fans have come up with some trepidation, he told Danny Dee concerts Sawicki sure what to expect with the flamboyant Buffett town.

“But I think once it is installed on with people, to be a great success,” he said.

For the resident of Roseville, West Riverfront was already a success.

“We like the whole room, tailgating, bathrooms, the environment in general,” Sawicki said. “It’s a great place to have a show.”

Jimmy Buffett To Play Kansas City’s Sprint Center Later This Year

Huey Lewis and the News also conducted June 6 at Sprint Center

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band will play Sprint Center in Kansas City on Saturday June 6th at 7 pm
Tickets for one night only concert go on sale Monday, March 9 at 10 am in,

Special guest Huey Lewis and the news also held on June 6.

American Express Card members have access to a special presale Tuesday March 3 at 10 am Friday March 6 at 10 pm

Jimmy Buffett And The Coral Reefer Band docking In Houston In Late May

Jimmy Buffett holds the record for highest box office at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands. His May 29, 2014, performance was its nineteenth in the pavilion.

Fins up people: Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band are heading to Houston in late May for sending off in the summer with a glass boat and a smile.
jimmy buffet

Buffett and company play the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion on May 28.

If you are not a Parrothead yourself, chances are you know one and this news will send in full Margaritaville for the rest of the day.

Buffett last played the place on May 29, 2014.

This year, Buffett, 68, is celebrating the 40th anniversary of their album “A1A” which features the classic “A Pirate Looks at Forty” which can be heard on yachts and bars finest Surfside Beach St. John.

Tickets for the show go on sale January 30 at 10 am at and

Music Company Representing Jimmy Buffett, Van Morrison Sues Denham Springs Restaurant

Jimmy Buffett, Van Morrison and Bret Michaels artists are presented in a lawsuit filed against a Mexican restaurant in Denham Springs.

Broadcast Music Inc. earlier this month demanded of Papi Fajita Factory in South Range Avenue for copyright infringement. In a civil lawsuit filed in US District Court in Baton Rouge on December 8, BMI and different music rights holders author accused the restaurant playing songs like “Margaritaville”, “Brown Eyed Girl” and “Every Rose Has Its Thorn “without obtaining licenses.

BMI represents songwriters, composers and music publishers and licenses the public performance rights to his works copyrighted. The organization believes that the 10 songs listed in the lawsuit were played in live performances and during karaoke, spokeswoman Leah Lupo wrote in an email.

Even if a band playing cover songs copyrighted, falls to the site to make sure the business is licensed, according to the website of IMC.

“This responsibility cannot be passed on to anyone else, even if the hired musicians are independent contractors,” the site says.

The license fees are calculated using a number of factors, including the maximum capacity of the room, if the site charges a cover and if the music is played by a band, DJ, karaoke machine or jukebox. A place that has bands on Friday and Saturday nights, hosts weekly karaoke and play recorded music at other times would be required to pay an annual flat fee based on occupancy limits, equivalent to $ 10.90 per occupant or $ 12.70 if customers are allowed to dance.

IMC generated $ 977 million in revenue in fiscal 2014, of which $ 840 million went to songwriters, composers and music publishers, according to a press release from September.

Lupo said Papi IMC contacted in April 2011 to provide a license to play songs in the catalog of the organization approximately 8.5 million musical works. IMC representatives visited the restaurant in July of that year and a total of 57 letters were sent. Also made 79 calls, but only one was returned, Lupo said.

“We have made many attempts to reach them and educate them on the value of the IMC license and its legal obligations under the Copyright Act,” Lupo wrote.

Starting Wednesday, BMI was listed as plaintiff in 130 lawsuits in 2014, according to federal court documents available online. But the cases in Louisiana were rare, as the lawsuit against Papi is only the second part of the year in the state.

In August, US District Judge Susie Morgan, the Court Eastern District of Louisiana, ruled in favor of copyright owners BMI and filed a lawsuit against a salon in Thibodaux. The place, Diamond Horseshoe, was ordered to pay $ 3,000 for each of seven counts of copyright infringement.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Papi are asking the court to ban the restaurant infringing music licensed by BMI and pay statutory damages unspecified, plus court costs and attorney fees.

“When was the last time you walked into a quiet bar or silent? … Music is a part of that experience,” Lupo said.

“We are advocating for business owners, well, it’s just a different kind of business owners, and some of the little ones,” he said of the copyright holders.

When I reached for comment by phone Wednesday afternoon, a woman in Papi said the restaurant would not discuss the case with the advice of an attorney.

Jimmy Buffett Rallies Tallahassee Voters As Early Numbers Come In

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band brought some beach style filled to the campaign of a candidate for Deputy Gwen Graham on Wednesday.

Less than a week until November 4 General Election, the over-40 victim of fate lit a Hawaiian shirt and lei-festooned crowd of more than 500 in Tallahassee.

“It’s pretty simple, enemy of the ocean or the great Gwen Graham,” said Buffett standing with his father Bob Graham and Graham before playing. “A great family of the Florida public officials and that’s why I’m here.”


Graham faces Rep. Steve Southerland R-Panama City to represent Second Congressional District of Florida in what has become one of the most heated House races nationwide. Southerland seeking his third term.

Buffett, who dropped several references in his songs Graham Wednesday is the latest in a list of stars intervened by Graham campaign to support and encourage early voting in recent weeks. Swimming and early voting numbers are analyzing the race has only gotten hotter.

Southerland and Graham have both urged people to vote early. As of Wednesday, 83,800-more than 32,000 voters Republicans, Democrats and 43,000 other 8,000 members of the party – had already voted by mail or early entire 14-county Panhandle, according to the state Division of Elections.

At 5 pm on Wednesday, 21.6 percent of registered Republicans, 18.23 percent of Democrats and 9.61 percent of independent voters have cast their vote in the district.

In their counties of origin Bay and León, bastions of Republican and Democratic voters, the numbers show a high participation in their respective parties.

At Southerland Bay County, more than 20,000 voters have been to the polls, for a total of 12,156 Republicans and Democrats and others 5867 2,094 party members.

In Leon County, where Graham and Democrats expect a high turnout, more than 32,000 voters have cast votes, 18,521 of them Democrats, 10 Republicans and 774 other 3,573 party members.

With Graham’s campaign this week promoting higher voting numbers compared to 2010, Southerland’s campaign noted that some conservative counties within the district, Bay, Gulf and Wakulla, early voting began five days later than the other 11 counties.

“A former agent of politics as Gwen Graham should know better than to ignore all the information,” wrote campaign manager Southerland Lucas Strickland in an email. “She also forgot to mention that Republican district wide are turning to the polls in higher percentages than Democrats.”

Strickland said the test will come on Tuesday.

“We are confident that the pulse intensity and voter remains with us and be the difference maker on Election Day,” he wrote.

As mentioned early campaigns turnout as positive signs in their careers, numbers have an inherent risk, said Democratic National Committee member Jon Ausman.

“The problem is we have an interpretation of party registration Panhandle” Ausman said. “There are a number of Democrats who registered for years, but actually vote Republican so there is some risk in using straight party lines in the Panhandle.”

Evan Power, GOP vice president Leon County, agreed that while Democrats voters can show a benefit party and are resulting in a greater number before November 4, many cannot vote for Democrats on the ballot.

“Some of these votes are not party line votes,” Power said. “These are remnants of the days of blue dog”.

Power added that Democrats voting on the largely rural district for more than other parts of the state Republicans and most Republicans hold out until Election Day to hit the polls.

All are determining factors in what has become a tight race.

“If Bay performs well and we held our own in León, which gives a Steve advantage,” Power said.

Southerland and Graham have also requested a combined total of $ 6,040,000 in campaign contributions. The political tinder was $ 7,130,000 in money flowing out of the race as television commercials and Mailer.

Ausman said the tone of the ads has pushed the number of voters statewide nearly 50 percent in the last three midterm elections. Before that, the average share of about 58 percent.

“The reason that there has been a tremendous fall is negative publicity and spending outside have really become so dominant,” he said. “I do not think it will be as big of an impact. Angry or scared can also get to vote.”

Original Story

If you do not have a ticket that does not have a front seat for the Jimmy Buffett concert in support of Gwen Graham and early voting tonight.

Buffett played at The Moon in Tallahassee to a full house. Campaign announced last week the singer Graham join her on the campaign and distributed free tickets on a first come, first served basis.

Graham is a challenge Rep. Steve Southerland R-Panama City to represent Second Congressional District of Florida in what has become one of the most heated House races nationwide.

With early voting underway and less than a week before the November 4 election day, the race has only gotten hotter.

Both have urged people to vote early with thousands of early voting in the 14 counties of the Panhandle District.

Across the 14-county Panhandle, 83,800-more than 32,000 voters Republicans and Democrats 43000 – and to vote, either by early voting or by mail, according to the state Division of Elections. However, it is unclear whether they voted in the CD2 race.

In their counties of origin Bay and León, bastions of Republican and Democratic voters, the numbers show a high participation in their respective parties.

At Southerland Bay County, more than 20,000 voters have cast votes, for a total of 12,156 Republicans and Democrats and others 5867 2,094 party members.

In Leon County, where Graham and Democrats expect a high turnout, more than 32,000 voters have cast votes, 18,521 of them Democrats, 10 Republicans and 774 other 3,573 party members.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio Southerland joined last week in Tallahassee for a rally of early voting and to support fellow Republican.

Rubio also had the opportunity to interact Graham Democratic leaders in Washington, which has been a focus of Southerland and Democrats. Graham, would be “a loyal Democrat who would go to Washington and support the Obama agenda that has brought us to this point,” Rubio said.

Former President Bill Clinton, who has been campaigning for Democrats across the country, joined Graham in Florida A & M University for a rally on Sunday.

Clinton perfected in the campaign slogan Graham working across the aisle in what she has repeatedly called a “bad state Congress.”

“The other reason is important to vote for her is that you know you will be working with someone with a good idea to help you have a better future,” Clinton told the crowd at FAMU.

Both have also requested a combined total of $ 6.04 million in campaign contributions. The political tinder was $ 7,130,000 in money flowing out of the race as television commercials and Mailer.

Jimmy Buffett Performs Free In Hermosa Beach

Jimmy Buffett gives his signature greeting fans at the opening of his concert in Hermosa Beach.
Land sharks took over Hermosa Beach Saturday night.

Parrotheads and pedestrians, who police estimate exceeded 12,000, lifted their arms above their heads and fins and sang, shouted and danced along to Jimmy Buffett while playing his song “Fins” rewrite the lyrics to honor Hermosa Beach.


Gull EyeView a Jimmy Buffet concert on Saturday in Hermosa Beach.
Rumors began Friday morning Buffett perform a free concert on the beach in Hermosa Beach. For once, the rumors were true. The legendary Margaritaville mogul appeared on a stage resembling the mouth of a shark, barefoot and wearing shorts canary yellow at 6 pm and made a solid, one-hour concert.

“Said the Discovery Channel, ‘Hey, Jimmy, will you play Shark Week?” Buffett told the crowd. “And I said, ‘Duh!'”

Buffett was an obvious choice to help promote Discovery Channel’s Shark Week for their 1979 hit “Fins.” Sharks and shark fins are high on the clothing and accessories parrothead, although the song Male Sharks land referred…

“We try to keep secret because Buffett wanted people loyal to the free show to benefit the beach,” said Laurie Goldberg, Senior Vice President of Public Relations for Discovery Communications.

But I secretly filtering Friday morning and reported on KLOS radio, as well as parrothead websites, Facebook and Twitter.

Robert Winthrop Woodland Hills brought his six year old twins Tyler and Jessica to the show early so they could get closer to the stage. It was the first concert of children Buffett 55th and Winthrop.

Ricki and Joe Russell, a young couple from Marina Del Rey, also came to the front of the stage. Joe has been to 35 shows Buffett and his wife’s wedding band 11 Joe has “fins up” engraved inside.

The Parrot Head Club Los Angeles was also represented. The club is 15 and has 175 members. They hold a monthly meeting called a “congregation,” and it so happened to be scheduled for Saturday. After hearing rumors of the Beautiful are the group canceled its meeting for the concert.

“I’ve been to 20 shows,” said Kris Salter of Canyon Country. “I am very excited at this time.”

Buffett Margaritaville and Coral Reefer Band took the stage shortly after 6 pm and ignited a public and encouraged.

“Whoa, land sharks,” Buffett said, his hands clasped over his head like a shark fin. His fans waved back. “Welcome to Fin Fest.’s Great to be in the neighborhood.”


The musician of 67 years seemed no less lively than in his younger days. He jumped, danced and joked in a set of 12 songs that includes “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes”, “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” “Fins” and, of course, “Margaritaville”.


Police estimated 12,000 fans gathered in front of the stage Shark.

Hermosa Beach police officer Dave Jones said he knew of only one incident involving an intoxicated person had to be removed from the beach. “And that was because he was falling on people,” said Jones official.

“Everyone is very happy,” Goldberg said during the performance. “And no one is paying for anything unless you want to buy a shirt.”

Buffett’s concert was part of a FinFest-long weekend at Pier Square organized by the Discovery Channel programming to promote Shark Week, which runs August 10 to August 15.



Concert Review: Jimmy Buffett Douses Fans With Familiar Songs, Atlanta Tales

The beach balls thrown into the crowd. The leis. The adult beverages consumed in parking areas – yes, even at Chastain.

Over forty years in a career and none of those changes.

And that’s exactly how Parrotheads like.

In his first concert at Chastain Park Amphitheatre in 27 years, Jimmy Buffett jumped on stage with his traditional uniform of shorts and flips flops pastel and immediately burst into “Summertime Blues” with his band of nine musicians and two singers.

By the second song, a steel drum cover of Van Morrison turning “Brown-Eyed Girl”, took off his shoes and appeared almost empty crowd up to sing.

The fact is that Buffett could be up there reciting the Gettysburg and while fans could use a foam fin on his head, who had happily recite along with it.

Their catalog consists of simple songs (“Changes in Latitude” is light Caribbean paint by numbers and explains itself “Too Drunk to Karaoke” is cheerfully brainless) and Buffett has always been a flat nasal singer upside down, in his later years, to talk-singing the songs live.

But he is committed to a lifestyle that gives fans a couple of hours of escapism and although his style is not for everyone, posing with a warm smile and many, many stories.

“Why not?” Buffett’s reasoning was to return to Chastain after nearly three decades, and the same could be said of those who spent over $ 250 for the best seats in the amphitheater. For many, a Buffett show is an annual ritual, and if the foot-tapping along to “Volcano” and the jaunty clip-clopping “One Particular Harbour” makes them happy … so be it.

Although Buffett extensive chatting between songs was endearing to a point – and he personalizes his jokes to stories of Atlanta-specific – which also led to an energy level even keel can never increase due to continuous breaks.

His introduction to the still-lovely “Come Monday” includes a story of when, in his rookie year, he performed a show at the Bistro on West Peachtree Street and “no one came true.”

The eternal singalong “Cheeseburger in Paradise” was preceded by Buffett, 67, and said, “In my early days, my only Krystal burgers were and The Varsity.”

Local undoubtedly appreciated hearing praise Buffett Zac Brown Band in Atlanta before covering swinging “Knee Deep” (which Buffett appeared on record) of the band; later, Buffett reeled PBC combo of “Free” and Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic” popularized by the pair of “CMT Crossroads” (PBC launched its own summer tour this weekend, so a sighting would not be alive).

Adding connections to Atlanta, one of the choristers of all life is Nadirah Shakoor Buffett, Atlanta native and former member of Arrested Development.

The other secret weapon in the side ace Buffett, who is so able to add a nice coating accordion “Went to Paris” as easily as the injection of electric guitar in the “soul rockin” The Pascagoula Run”, is the guitarist Mac McAnally, six times the deserved winner of Musician of the Year Country Music Association.

The booming sound guitarist held the crowd – a notoriously chatty bunch and distracted Chastain -. “Too Drunk to Karaoke” enthralled with his playing in The Allman Brothers “Little Martha” and fill in the part of Toby Keith

During the two-hour concert-plus, Buffett included only a couple of selections from “Songs From St. Somewhere” album last year – his release 27 and apparently the reason for this tour, called “This One For You . ”

But everyone knows that Buffett does not need a new album to support a tour. Some grass skirts and mixing alcohol and another trip to “Margaritaville” is all I ever needed.

Jimmy Buffett Launches Margaritaville TV

Everything depends on you, Jimmy; you want to do the interview now?

Or, I have this little Jimmy Buffett Trivia Quiz pocket. It’s five questions – we’ll see how much you know about yourself.

“We will make the first trivia,” Buffett laughed. We were in his dressing room, a few hours before his concert last week we at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. He was in shorts, barefoot, wire-rimmed glasses and a “Deus Ex Machina “T -shirt (shop surfboard and bike) with the sleeves rolled up.

Buffett was curled up on a brown leather couch. For the test, sat and leaned forward.

“I’m ready.”

1. Eight authors have had books reach No. 1 on both the fiction and the New York Times bestseller list for nonfiction. You’re one of them. Name three others.

Buffett’s response: ” Ernest Hemingway and Dr. Seuss and … cannot remember the others.”

FALSE! The song is bad Meatloaf – Two out of three is bad. The others are John Steinbeck, Mitch Albom, William Styron, Irving Wallace and Glenn Beck.

Buffett raised an eyebrow, “Glenn Beck?”

Yes, Glenn Beck.

Two. What city has to have made most of the concerts?

Buffett’s response: “Cincinnati “.

FALSE! Buffett has performed 55 concerts in Mansfield, a suburb of Boston. Cincinnati is second with 53. Houston is tied for 11th place with 27 concerts, according to the website at the end all be-all, Houston will always be number 1 for a special reason, however: “The first time I headlined a show at Liberty Hall was here in Houston,” he said.

Three. According to the end credits, what role did you play in the baseball movie “Cobb ” starring Tommy Lee Jones?

Buffett’s response: “I know what I’ll say I played.” Armless the Fan. ”

FALSE! So close, but I have to dial wrong. 1994 List of film credits role Buffett as” The boy with no arms Roger Clemens also appeared in “Cobb.” He was credited as the” pitcher”.

April. One of his most acclaimed albums entitled “A1A “. If you get into Florida State Road A1A in Key West. And north ends where A1A?

Buffett’s response:” Fernandina Beach, Florida just south of the state border of Georgia ”

Correct! A1A hugs the east coast of Florida, through Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Cocoa Beach, Daytona Beach and Jacksonville.

May. You were the musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” in 1978. Who was the host of that episode?

Buffett’s response: “Richard Dreyfuss “.

Correct! Buffett sang “Son of a Son of a Sailor.”

Margaritaville TV

See me after class to discuss his degree, Mr. Buffett.

“That was fun. I have like a B, right? How many have come right? “Asked Buffett.

Have two on the right. Do you think that 40 percent is a B? It is not about management classes. You do not just presents and get a B.

” So I got a C or D. That’s good. That was my normal rating in college. “