Jimmy Buffett Performs Free In Hermosa Beach

Jimmy Buffett gives his signature greeting fans at the opening of his concert in Hermosa Beach.
Land sharks took over Hermosa Beach Saturday night.

Parrotheads and pedestrians, who police estimate exceeded 12,000, lifted their arms above their heads and fins and sang, shouted and danced along to Jimmy Buffett while playing his song “Fins” rewrite the lyrics to honor Hermosa Beach.


Gull EyeView a Jimmy Buffet concert on Saturday in Hermosa Beach.
Rumors began Friday morning Buffett perform a free concert on the beach in Hermosa Beach. For once, the rumors were true. The legendary Margaritaville mogul appeared on a stage resembling the mouth of a shark, barefoot and wearing shorts canary yellow at 6 pm and made a solid, one-hour concert.

“Said the Discovery Channel, ‘Hey, Jimmy, will you play Shark Week?” Buffett told the crowd. “And I said, ‘Duh!'”

Buffett was an obvious choice to help promote Discovery Channel’s Shark Week for their 1979 hit “Fins.” Sharks and shark fins are high on the clothing and accessories parrothead, although the song Male Sharks land referred…

“We try to keep secret because Buffett wanted people loyal to the free show to benefit the beach,” said Laurie Goldberg, Senior Vice President of Public Relations for Discovery Communications.

But I secretly filtering Friday morning and reported on KLOS radio, as well as parrothead websites, Facebook and Twitter.

Robert Winthrop Woodland Hills brought his six year old twins Tyler and Jessica to the show early so they could get closer to the stage. It was the first concert of children Buffett 55th and Winthrop.

Ricki and Joe Russell, a young couple from Marina Del Rey, also came to the front of the stage. Joe has been to 35 shows Buffett and his wife’s wedding band 11 Joe has “fins up” engraved inside.

The Parrot Head Club Los Angeles was also represented. The club is 15 and has 175 members. They hold a monthly meeting called a “congregation,” and it so happened to be scheduled for Saturday. After hearing rumors of the Beautiful are the group canceled its meeting for the concert.

“I’ve been to 20 shows,” said Kris Salter of Canyon Country. “I am very excited at this time.”

Buffett Margaritaville and Coral Reefer Band took the stage shortly after 6 pm and ignited a public and encouraged.

“Whoa, land sharks,” Buffett said, his hands clasped over his head like a shark fin. His fans waved back. “Welcome to Fin Fest.’s Great to be in the neighborhood.”


The musician of 67 years seemed no less lively than in his younger days. He jumped, danced and joked in a set of 12 songs that includes “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes”, “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” “Fins” and, of course, “Margaritaville”.


Police estimated 12,000 fans gathered in front of the stage Shark.

Hermosa Beach police officer Dave Jones said he knew of only one incident involving an intoxicated person had to be removed from the beach. “And that was because he was falling on people,” said Jones official.

“Everyone is very happy,” Goldberg said during the performance. “And no one is paying for anything unless you want to buy a shirt.”

Buffett’s concert was part of a FinFest-long weekend at Pier Square organized by the Discovery Channel programming to promote Shark Week, which runs August 10 to August 15.




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