Concert Review: Jimmy Buffett Douses Fans With Familiar Songs, Atlanta Tales

The beach balls thrown into the crowd. The leis. The adult beverages consumed in parking areas – yes, even at Chastain.

Over forty years in a career and none of those changes.

And that’s exactly how Parrotheads like.

In his first concert at Chastain Park Amphitheatre in 27 years, Jimmy Buffett jumped on stage with his traditional uniform of shorts and flips flops pastel and immediately burst into “Summertime Blues” with his band of nine musicians and two singers.

By the second song, a steel drum cover of Van Morrison turning “Brown-Eyed Girl”, took off his shoes and appeared almost empty crowd up to sing.

The fact is that Buffett could be up there reciting the Gettysburg and while fans could use a foam fin on his head, who had happily recite along with it.

Their catalog consists of simple songs (“Changes in Latitude” is light Caribbean paint by numbers and explains itself “Too Drunk to Karaoke” is cheerfully brainless) and Buffett has always been a flat nasal singer upside down, in his later years, to talk-singing the songs live.

But he is committed to a lifestyle that gives fans a couple of hours of escapism and although his style is not for everyone, posing with a warm smile and many, many stories.

“Why not?” Buffett’s reasoning was to return to Chastain after nearly three decades, and the same could be said of those who spent over $ 250 for the best seats in the amphitheater. For many, a Buffett show is an annual ritual, and if the foot-tapping along to “Volcano” and the jaunty clip-clopping “One Particular Harbour” makes them happy … so be it.

Although Buffett extensive chatting between songs was endearing to a point – and he personalizes his jokes to stories of Atlanta-specific – which also led to an energy level even keel can never increase due to continuous breaks.

His introduction to the still-lovely “Come Monday” includes a story of when, in his rookie year, he performed a show at the Bistro on West Peachtree Street and “no one came true.”

The eternal singalong “Cheeseburger in Paradise” was preceded by Buffett, 67, and said, “In my early days, my only Krystal burgers were and The Varsity.”

Local undoubtedly appreciated hearing praise Buffett Zac Brown Band in Atlanta before covering swinging “Knee Deep” (which Buffett appeared on record) of the band; later, Buffett reeled PBC combo of “Free” and Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic” popularized by the pair of “CMT Crossroads” (PBC launched its own summer tour this weekend, so a sighting would not be alive).

Adding connections to Atlanta, one of the choristers of all life is Nadirah Shakoor Buffett, Atlanta native and former member of Arrested Development.

The other secret weapon in the side ace Buffett, who is so able to add a nice coating accordion “Went to Paris” as easily as the injection of electric guitar in the “soul rockin” The Pascagoula Run”, is the guitarist Mac McAnally, six times the deserved winner of Musician of the Year Country Music Association.

The booming sound guitarist held the crowd – a notoriously chatty bunch and distracted Chastain -. “Too Drunk to Karaoke” enthralled with his playing in The Allman Brothers “Little Martha” and fill in the part of Toby Keith

During the two-hour concert-plus, Buffett included only a couple of selections from “Songs From St. Somewhere” album last year – his release 27 and apparently the reason for this tour, called “This One For You . ”

But everyone knows that Buffett does not need a new album to support a tour. Some grass skirts and mixing alcohol and another trip to “Margaritaville” is all I ever needed.


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