Jimmy Buffett Launches Margaritaville TV

Everything depends on you, Jimmy; you want to do the interview now?

Or, I have this little Jimmy Buffett Trivia Quiz pocket. It’s five questions – we’ll see how much you know about yourself.

“We will make the first trivia,” Buffett laughed. We were in his dressing room, a few hours before his concert last week we at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. He was in shorts, barefoot, wire-rimmed glasses and a “Deus Ex Machina “T -shirt (shop surfboard and bike) with the sleeves rolled up.

Buffett was curled up on a brown leather couch. For the test, sat and leaned forward.

“I’m ready.”

1. Eight authors have had books reach No. 1 on both the fiction and the New York Times bestseller list for nonfiction. You’re one of them. Name three others.

Buffett’s response: ” Ernest Hemingway and Dr. Seuss and … cannot remember the others.”

FALSE! The song is bad Meatloaf – Two out of three is bad. The others are John Steinbeck, Mitch Albom, William Styron, Irving Wallace and Glenn Beck.

Buffett raised an eyebrow, “Glenn Beck?”

Yes, Glenn Beck.

Two. What city has to have made most of the concerts?

Buffett’s response: “Cincinnati “.

FALSE! Buffett has performed 55 concerts in Mansfield, a suburb of Boston. Cincinnati is second with 53. Houston is tied for 11th place with 27 concerts, according to the website at the end all be-all, Houston will always be number 1 for a special reason, however: “The first time I headlined a show at Liberty Hall was here in Houston,” he said.

Three. According to the end credits, what role did you play in the baseball movie “Cobb ” starring Tommy Lee Jones?

Buffett’s response: “I know what I’ll say I played.” Armless the Fan. ”

FALSE! So close, but I have to dial wrong. 1994 List of film credits role Buffett as” The boy with no arms Roger Clemens also appeared in “Cobb.” He was credited as the” pitcher”.

April. One of his most acclaimed albums entitled “A1A “. If you get into Florida State Road A1A in Key West. And north ends where A1A?

Buffett’s response:” Fernandina Beach, Florida just south of the state border of Georgia ”

Correct! A1A hugs the east coast of Florida, through Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Cocoa Beach, Daytona Beach and Jacksonville.

May. You were the musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” in 1978. Who was the host of that episode?

Buffett’s response: “Richard Dreyfuss “.

Correct! Buffett sang “Son of a Son of a Sailor.”

Margaritaville TV

See me after class to discuss his degree, Mr. Buffett.

“That was fun. I have like a B, right? How many have come right? “Asked Buffett.

Have two on the right. Do you think that 40 percent is a B? It is not about management classes. You do not just presents and get a B.

” So I got a C or D. That’s good. That was my normal rating in college. “


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