Jimmy Buffett Performs Free In Hermosa Beach

Jimmy Buffett gives his signature greeting fans at the opening of his concert in Hermosa Beach.
Land sharks took over Hermosa Beach Saturday night.

Parrotheads and pedestrians, who police estimate exceeded 12,000, lifted their arms above their heads and fins and sang, shouted and danced along to Jimmy Buffett while playing his song “Fins” rewrite the lyrics to honor Hermosa Beach.


Gull EyeView a Jimmy Buffet concert on Saturday in Hermosa Beach.
Rumors began Friday morning Buffett perform a free concert on the beach in Hermosa Beach. For once, the rumors were true. The legendary Margaritaville mogul appeared on a stage resembling the mouth of a shark, barefoot and wearing shorts canary yellow at 6 pm and made a solid, one-hour concert.

“Said the Discovery Channel, ‘Hey, Jimmy, will you play Shark Week?” Buffett told the crowd. “And I said, ‘Duh!'”

Buffett was an obvious choice to help promote Discovery Channel’s Shark Week for their 1979 hit “Fins.” Sharks and shark fins are high on the clothing and accessories parrothead, although the song Male Sharks land referred…

“We try to keep secret because Buffett wanted people loyal to the free show to benefit the beach,” said Laurie Goldberg, Senior Vice President of Public Relations for Discovery Communications.

But I secretly filtering Friday morning and reported on KLOS radio, as well as parrothead websites, Facebook and Twitter.

Robert Winthrop Woodland Hills brought his six year old twins Tyler and Jessica to the show early so they could get closer to the stage. It was the first concert of children Buffett 55th and Winthrop.

Ricki and Joe Russell, a young couple from Marina Del Rey, also came to the front of the stage. Joe has been to 35 shows Buffett and his wife’s wedding band 11 Joe has “fins up” engraved inside.

The Parrot Head Club Los Angeles was also represented. The club is 15 and has 175 members. They hold a monthly meeting called a “congregation,” and it so happened to be scheduled for Saturday. After hearing rumors of the Beautiful are the group canceled its meeting for the concert.

“I’ve been to 20 shows,” said Kris Salter of Canyon Country. “I am very excited at this time.”

Buffett Margaritaville and Coral Reefer Band took the stage shortly after 6 pm and ignited a public and encouraged.

“Whoa, land sharks,” Buffett said, his hands clasped over his head like a shark fin. His fans waved back. “Welcome to Fin Fest.’s Great to be in the neighborhood.”


The musician of 67 years seemed no less lively than in his younger days. He jumped, danced and joked in a set of 12 songs that includes “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes”, “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” “Fins” and, of course, “Margaritaville”.


Police estimated 12,000 fans gathered in front of the stage Shark.

Hermosa Beach police officer Dave Jones said he knew of only one incident involving an intoxicated person had to be removed from the beach. “And that was because he was falling on people,” said Jones official.

“Everyone is very happy,” Goldberg said during the performance. “And no one is paying for anything unless you want to buy a shirt.”

Buffett’s concert was part of a FinFest-long weekend at Pier Square organized by the Discovery Channel programming to promote Shark Week, which runs August 10 to August 15.



Concert Review: Jimmy Buffett Douses Fans With Familiar Songs, Atlanta Tales

The beach balls thrown into the crowd. The leis. The adult beverages consumed in parking areas – yes, even at Chastain.

Over forty years in a career and none of those changes.

And that’s exactly how Parrotheads like.

In his first concert at Chastain Park Amphitheatre in 27 years, Jimmy Buffett jumped on stage with his traditional uniform of shorts and flips flops pastel and immediately burst into “Summertime Blues” with his band of nine musicians and two singers.

By the second song, a steel drum cover of Van Morrison turning “Brown-Eyed Girl”, took off his shoes and appeared almost empty crowd up to sing.

The fact is that Buffett could be up there reciting the Gettysburg and while fans could use a foam fin on his head, who had happily recite along with it.

Their catalog consists of simple songs (“Changes in Latitude” is light Caribbean paint by numbers and explains itself “Too Drunk to Karaoke” is cheerfully brainless) and Buffett has always been a flat nasal singer upside down, in his later years, to talk-singing the songs live.

But he is committed to a lifestyle that gives fans a couple of hours of escapism and although his style is not for everyone, posing with a warm smile and many, many stories.

“Why not?” Buffett’s reasoning was to return to Chastain after nearly three decades, and the same could be said of those who spent over $ 250 for the best seats in the amphitheater. For many, a Buffett show is an annual ritual, and if the foot-tapping along to “Volcano” and the jaunty clip-clopping “One Particular Harbour” makes them happy … so be it.

Although Buffett extensive chatting between songs was endearing to a point – and he personalizes his jokes to stories of Atlanta-specific – which also led to an energy level even keel can never increase due to continuous breaks.

His introduction to the still-lovely “Come Monday” includes a story of when, in his rookie year, he performed a show at the Bistro on West Peachtree Street and “no one came true.”

The eternal singalong “Cheeseburger in Paradise” was preceded by Buffett, 67, and said, “In my early days, my only Krystal burgers were and The Varsity.”

Local undoubtedly appreciated hearing praise Buffett Zac Brown Band in Atlanta before covering swinging “Knee Deep” (which Buffett appeared on record) of the band; later, Buffett reeled PBC combo of “Free” and Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic” popularized by the pair of “CMT Crossroads” (PBC launched its own summer tour this weekend, so a sighting would not be alive).

Adding connections to Atlanta, one of the choristers of all life is Nadirah Shakoor Buffett, Atlanta native and former member of Arrested Development.

The other secret weapon in the side ace Buffett, who is so able to add a nice coating accordion “Went to Paris” as easily as the injection of electric guitar in the “soul rockin” The Pascagoula Run”, is the guitarist Mac McAnally, six times the deserved winner of Musician of the Year Country Music Association.

The booming sound guitarist held the crowd – a notoriously chatty bunch and distracted Chastain -. “Too Drunk to Karaoke” enthralled with his playing in The Allman Brothers “Little Martha” and fill in the part of Toby Keith

During the two-hour concert-plus, Buffett included only a couple of selections from “Songs From St. Somewhere” album last year – his release 27 and apparently the reason for this tour, called “This One For You . “

But everyone knows that Buffett does not need a new album to support a tour. Some grass skirts and mixing alcohol and another trip to “Margaritaville” is all I ever needed.

Jimmy Buffett Launches Margaritaville TV

Everything depends on you, Jimmy; you want to do the interview now?

Or, I have this little Jimmy Buffett Trivia Quiz pocket. It’s five questions – we’ll see how much you know about yourself.

“We will make the first trivia,” Buffett laughed. We were in his dressing room, a few hours before his concert last week we at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. He was in shorts, barefoot, wire-rimmed glasses and a “Deus Ex Machina “T -shirt (shop surfboard and bike) with the sleeves rolled up.

Buffett was curled up on a brown leather couch. For the test, sat and leaned forward.

“I’m ready.”

1. Eight authors have had books reach No. 1 on both the fiction and the New York Times bestseller list for nonfiction. You’re one of them. Name three others.

Buffett’s response: ” Ernest Hemingway and Dr. Seuss and … cannot remember the others.”

FALSE! The song is bad Meatloaf – Two out of three is bad. The others are John Steinbeck, Mitch Albom, William Styron, Irving Wallace and Glenn Beck.

Buffett raised an eyebrow, “Glenn Beck?”

Yes, Glenn Beck.

Two. What city has to have made most of the concerts?

Buffett’s response: “Cincinnati “.

FALSE! Buffett has performed 55 concerts in Mansfield, a suburb of Boston. Cincinnati is second with 53. Houston is tied for 11th place with 27 concerts, according to the website at the end all be-all, Houston will always be number 1 for a special reason, however: “The first time I headlined a show at Liberty Hall was here in Houston,” he said.

Three. According to the end credits, what role did you play in the baseball movie “Cobb ” starring Tommy Lee Jones?

Buffett’s response: “I know what I’ll say I played.” Armless the Fan. “

FALSE! So close, but I have to dial wrong. 1994 List of film credits role Buffett as” The boy with no arms Roger Clemens also appeared in “Cobb.” He was credited as the” pitcher”.

April. One of his most acclaimed albums entitled “A1A “. If you get into Florida State Road A1A in Key West. And north ends where A1A?

Buffett’s response:” Fernandina Beach, Florida just south of the state border of Georgia “

Correct! A1A hugs the east coast of Florida, through Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Cocoa Beach, Daytona Beach and Jacksonville.

May. You were the musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” in 1978. Who was the host of that episode?

Buffett’s response: “Richard Dreyfuss “.

Correct! Buffett sang “Son of a Son of a Sailor.”

Margaritaville TV

See me after class to discuss his degree, Mr. Buffett.

“That was fun. I have like a B, right? How many have come right? “Asked Buffett.

Have two on the right. Do you think that 40 percent is a B? It is not about management classes. You do not just presents and get a B.

” So I got a C or D. That’s good. That was my normal rating in college. “

Allen Toussaint Brings Hit Parade To New Orleans Jazz Fest, With An Assist From Jimmy Buffett

Pianist Allen Toussaint, right, singer Jimmy Buffett thanks after he joined him at the Acura stage for a few songs at the New Orleans Jazz Fest in New Orleans on Saturday, May 3, 2014


Allen Toussaint played songs spanning over half a century in the Acura Stage Saturday afternoon New Orleans Jazz Fest.

The hit parade was an autobiography in the song, but like the whole race Toussaint surveyed, the show was not all about him.

An important aspect was ” Sally Sneakin ‘ Through the Alley , “ the original Toussaint Robert Palmer took as the title track pop -funk of their debut in 1974 , and was followed by “Two Trains” , another song Toussaint party – nice popularized by someone other than him, in his case, Little Feat .

Shortly after Toussaint called Jimmy Buffett on stage to sing lead on two songs: “Fortune Teller” (you can determine the version of Benny Spellman, or maybe Robert Plant and Alison Krauss) and “Wave Bye Bye”, the tender Jesse Winchester ballad dense crowd earlier in the day (many obviously homesteading Bruce Springsteen, who plays the same later stage) to sway in unison moved.

This is what the concerts are Toussaint machines dimensional discs once , orchestrated by a consummate professional , whose work as composer, producer and performing artist is purely New Orleans, just scrubbed free of anything that sounds remotely thick .

Which is not to say bland Toussaint? Their stage attire mixed plaid , paisley and polka dots as anyone, and his band – take shape with horns and backup singers , so that corresponds to a first-rate arranger and band leader – cleverly designed set down several times tried slots loins .

“Soul Sister” – which “with hip boots bad” – began as reggae, but became somewhat thicker, culminating in a nasty solo by guitarist Renard Poche. Toussaint Packaging another of his successes in medleys:

“Mother -in -Law”, the Toussaint composition immortalized by Ernie K -Doe, was sandwiched between” Everything I do Gonh Be Funky “and “working in a coal mine,” both hits for Lee Dorsey in 1960.

The crowd cheered in collective recognition of the opening notes to “Southern Nights”, the set- closer, during which Toussaint presented to all members of his band. He allowed them each more than a moment of fame alone, and then walked away from his piano to the promise. “See you next year”

Jimmy Buffett Headed Back To Comerica Park For July Show

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral jackets take the stage at Comerica Park on Saturday July 28, 2012, in Detroit. / Jarrad Henderson / Detroit Free Press

Comerica Park flourishing tradition of Jimmy Buffett shoots this summer.

Buffett played baseball stadium of the city on July 26, the developer Olympia Entertainment announced this morning. It is the third consecutive summer tropical rocking in Tiger Stadium and the previous two shows were not sold.

Opening the show this year will be former front man – Creedence Clearwater Revival John Fogerty .

Tickets go on sale at 10 am April 26 the stadium ticket office and charge by phone at 866-66 – TIGER.

As in previous shows Buffett Comerica Park, the concert will be preceded by a party on the beach all day in the parking lot, and fans are expected to gather around the city to suck traditional wheel.

Is shaping up as a busy summer of concerts at Comerica Park, the Downtown Hoedown three days ( May 30-June 1 ) and a pair of sold-out shows Eminem and Rihanna (August 22-23).

Jimmy Buffett Is In Australia And Playing Secret Shows

Superstar singer Jimmy Buffett snuck into Australia last week with Coral Reefer Band and his surprised the audience at the Gold Coast with a pair of secret performances during the weekend.

The first exhibition took place at the Quiksilver Pro surfing competition at Snapper Rocks, where Buffett and band played an hour and-a – half show in front of an estimated 1,000 people – are believed to be one of the smaller sample artist has played in decades.

During the show drew stars surf Stephanie Gilmore and Kelly Slater on stage to help him perform a couple of songs, then watch them play Margaritaville

Then on Sunday night, the Coolangatta Sands Hotel hosted Buffett and his band for a free show in what is surely the largest ever meeting Sunday pub. Some raw footage of that show has emerged, and can be seen below.

Superstar singer Jimmy Buffett snuck into Australia last week with Coral Reefer Band and his surprised the audience at the Gold Coast with a pair of secret performances during the weekend .

The first exhibition took place at the Quiksilver Pro surfing competition at Snapper Rocks, where Buffett and band played an hour and-a – half show in front of an estimated 1,000 people – are believed to be one of the smaller sample artist has played in decades.

During the show drew stars surf Stephanie Gilmore and Kelly Slater on stage to help him perform a couple of songs, then watch them play Margaritaville

Then on Sunday night, the Coolangatta Sands Hotel hosted Buffett and his band for a free show in what is surely the largest ever meeting Sunday pub. Some raw footage of that show has emerged, and can be seen below.

“It was a great night, a great deal of interest, the phone was off the hook running for almost two days,” Ben Otter Coolangatta Sands Hotel  said this afternoon.

Otter says around 400 crammed into the room exhausted, with interest from all over South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. The place did not have a lot of time to prepare for the attack; it all came together a lot in the last minute.

“It was all very last minute, we knew about 36 hours before play and put it all together and wine,” says Otter. “We had a good tip was to come and meet with your team the day before, we are a very efficient group of people.”

There is no word as to how long Buffett will be in the country or whether or not it will play any sample, also while he is here. Florida singer last performed in Australia in 2012, playing small shows once in Brisbane and Melbourne that sold out in a matter of seconds.

Jimmy Buffett Concert Tickets Sehedule

Jimmy Buffett

Venue    Date/Time

Akron Civic Theatre    Saturday
Akron, OH    4/12/2014
8:00 PM

MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre At The Florida State Fairgrounds (formerly Live Nation Amphitheatre)    Saturday
Tampa, FL    4/19/2014
8:00 PM

Walnut Creek Amphitheatre (formerly TWC Music Pavilion)    Tuesday
Raleigh, NC    4/22/2014
8:00 PM

PNC Music Pavilion – Charlotte (Formerly Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre)    Thursday
Charlotte, NC    4/24/2014
7:30 PM

Cruzan Amphitheatre (formerly Sound Advice Amphitheatre)    Saturday
West Palm Beach, FL    4/26/2014
8:00 PM

Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach (Formerly Virginia Beach Amphitheatre)    Saturday
Virginia Beach, VA    5/24/2014
8:00 PM

Chastain Park Amphitheatre    Tuesday
Atlanta, GA    5/27/2014
8:00 PM

The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion    Thursday
Spring, TX    5/29/2014
8:00 PM

Austin360 Amphitheater    Saturday
Austin, TX    5/31/2014
8:00 PM

Dallas Arboretum    Thursday
Dallas, TX    6/12/2014
7:30 PM

Toyota Stadium (formerly FC Dallas Stadium)    Saturday
Frisco, TX    6/21/2014
7:00 PM

Blossom Music Center    Tuesday
Cuyahoga Falls, OH    6/24/2014
8:00 PM

Klipsch Music Center (Formerly Verizon Wireless Music Center – IN)    Thursday
Noblesville, IN    6/26/2014
8:00 PM

First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre (formerly Tweeter Center-il)    Saturday
Tinley Park, IL    6/28/2014
8:00 PM

Bethel Woods Center For The Arts    Thursday
Bethel, NY    7/17/2014
8:00 PM

Xfinity Center – MA (formerly Comcast Center)    Saturday
Mansfield, MA    7/19/2014
8:00 PM

Riverbend Music Center    Monday
Cincinnati, OH    7/21/2014
8:00 PM

First Niagara Pavilion (Formerly Post Gazette Pavilion At Star Lake)    Wednesday
Burgettstown, PA    7/23/2014
8:00 PM

Jiffy Lube Live (Formerly Nissan Pavilion)    Saturday
Bristow, VA    8/16/2014
8:00 PM

Susquehanna Bank Center    Tuesday
Camden, NJ    8/19/2014
8:00 PM

Nikon at Jones Beach Theater    Thursday
Wantagh, NY    8/21/2014
8:00 PM

Couch Surfing, Jimmy Buffett Shirts Mark Silver Star’s Wrapup In April

The savings are stellar at Silver Star Mountain Resort. Ski and stay at the resort for three or more days in March and save 15 to 25 percent in its housing and alpine adult tickets.

half price Jimmy Buffett tickets
Photograph by: Courtesy, Silver Star Resort

Couch surfing take on a new meaning, April 6 in the opening race of the sofa Silver Star Mountain Resort. The five-person teams push a sofa ski mounted through skis and down a gentle slope. There will be over $ 500 in prizes up for grabs.

“The spring skiing is a special time for many people. It’s a long-standing tradition that many look forward to each year,” said Anne Haight , director of sales and marketing at Silver Star Mountain Resort . “Unlike during the regular season, no rush for first chair and first tracks, but rather, is a much more relaxed atmosphere with tanned glasses and socialization become a priority.”

Silver Star closes its alpine terrain on 6 April this year. On the last weekend (April 4-6) , the resort will be celebrating spring skiing with a Retro Day on April 5 , where guests are invited to dust off their old clothes ski school for a day fashion on the slopes. A fashion show at 15:00 Retro will spring skiing enthusiasts the opportunity to showcase their talents on the track. April 6 is Hawaiian shirt day and all season ticket holders are invited to attend a free barbecue organized by Silver Star managers.

“The closing date is always a party. This is the opportunity to bring his best Jimmy Buffet shirt, splash on sunscreen and sun last. Encourage everyone to line up in the top of the Milky Way and make a hero – run up the mountain then enjoy après ski on the terrace with a cold drink in the warm Okanagan sun “. . .

In addition, the weekend closure Silver Star is hosting the 2014 Spring Festival Telemark Loaded. It invites all skiing skills and socializes with the local community and meet Telemark skiers and riders from around the world.

Zac Brown Band, KISS, Jason Aldean, Jimmy Buffett To Play Atlanta


A trio of rock gods, goddesses two generations of pop, some very famous festivals and language are Reviews some of the deals concerts this spring….

half price Jimmy Buffett tickets

Crosby, Stills and Nash.

What does not kill David Crosby, arguably the strongest?

A few weeks after undergoing heart surgery, CSN Crosby began the tour in the calendar earlier this month and, with Stephen Stills and Graham Nash, public dismay with Kicks nostalgia, as “Southern Cross”, “Our House” was and “Teach Your children”. 20:22 Mars. $ 52 – $ 92. Fox Theatre, Atlanta.

George Strait with Sheryl Crow.

That’s all, folks. The final go-round before the cowboy rides away from the scene for good with a rash in Texas this spring. Detroit alone worth the ticket price, but chose an entry worthy of Corneille, who made his own national momentum. 7:30 p.m. on March 22. $ 79.50-$ 101.50. Philips Arena, Atlanta.

Steve Earle and Shawn Colvin.

Old friends appear to “Songs and stories together on stage” with a plan to exchange songs, singing duets and storytelling. Colvin’s latest album, “All Fall Down”, came in 2012, while Earle “The Low Road,” dropped last year and received a Grammy nomination for the song “Invisible” 19:00 on March 23. . $ 25 – $ 76.50 Atlanta Symphony Hall, Atlanta…


Jimmy Buffett Croons About ‘The Rocket’ Neil Armstrong Rode

Cover art for the album “Songs from St. Somewhere ” by Jimmy Buffett has just been released on August 20 and includes a tribute to Neil Armstrong.

jimmy Buffett

In “The Rocket That grandfather Rode “ , a song on the first new album in four years, Jimmy Buffett , the “man of Margaritaville ” sings about the man in the moon .

” And the children became flying machines with wide arms like wings , but a lonely boy knows that the airplane is not a toy , I’m talking about the man in the moon,” Buffett sings on track 12 of ” Songs From St. somewhere, “ 27th studio album of the singer, which was released last week.

Jimmy Buffett is “talk” about Neil Armstrong, the moonwalker who died a year ago Sunday. As commander of the Apollo 11 mission , Armstrong took “one small step ” to do ” one giant leap for mankind” on July 20, 1969 . [ Photos : Neil Armstrong - American Icon Remembered ]

But it was not the death of astronauts apparently led Buffet song . As the lyrics to ” The Rocket That grandfather Rode ” track, the inspiration came from a trip , the musician took a year before, in July 2011 .

“We will see shipments fly away – last day “ counts the songs.

Buffett was one of the guests at the Kennedy Space Center of NASA in Florida to witness the final launch of the space shuttle program on July 8, 2011 . To reach the VIP viewing site , the singer rode a bus with other viewers .

” And for some kids behind my seat , there is a very special gift, something more than history on parade , ” Buffett describes in “The Rocket That Rode grandfather. “

jimmy buffett1

The rocket that Neil Armstrong rode : Apollo 11 Saturn V lifts off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on July 16, 1969 .

As recalled Rick Armstrong, one of the two sons of Moonwalker , he and his sons were sitting in the last row of the bus. As they were driven beyond the voluminous Vehicle Assembly Building , said something along the lines of , “which is where grandfather rode the rocket was being put together . “

Hearing this, the man sitting in front of Armstrong and his family turned and replied, “That sounds like a good idea for a song , ” Rick Armstrong recounted in an e- mail to collectSpace.com .

The change led to the introduction , and Jimmy Buffett met to Armstrong.

The VIP viewing site NASA launch is adjacent to the V Center Apollo / Saturn , where one of the three remaining Saturn V rocket is on full display . The 363 – foot-long (110 meters) was the booster rocket type Armstrong – along with Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins – rode to the moon in July 1969 .

” Mouthpieces of the Giants, bolts and beams ,” Buffett sings: ” She was a stairway to heaven, ole ‘Apollo 11″ .

” The rocket was driving his grandfather , “ repeats the chorus.

Buffett did more than the space shuttle Atlantis launch clock that day. He a private concert for transport workers , which marks the end of 30 years of launches were also conducted .

As “The Rocket That grandfather Rode “ ends , thanks NASA Buffett , as he does ” Neil” .

It is the only time the singer paid tribute to the first man to walk on the Moon.

The August 25, 2012 , on the day of Armstrong died , Buffett was acting for an audience in Wisconsin, when at the end of his show , devoted an encore performance to the late astronaut.

“We have lost a great aviator in America today ,” he told attendees Buffett concert . ” Neil Armstrong died, the man in the moon . As you know, flying has been an inspiration in my life all the time, so I’d like to send this off to the family of Neil Armstrong tonight . It’s a little thing called ‘ Oysters and Pearls ‘ and it certainly was a pearl . “

The lyrics of aviator Charles Lindbergh and mentioning the artist Elvis Presley. Buffett added a final verse interpretation of that night .

” Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, and now he’s gone to heaven, ” Buffet sang.


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